Q: What are the exchanges Arbitragewin is supporting?

Arbitragewin is supporting Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex, Quionex, Bitbank, Bitflyer, Coincheck. We are planning to add more exchange as part of the free service to our users

Q: Do I get support if I have any questions on Arbitragewin?

A: Yes, please email us at support@arbitragewin.com. We'll reply you as soon as available.

Q: What are the risk on running Arbitragewin?

Arbitragewin is utilizing the API provided by Exchange on checking and sending the orders. There might be error when calling the API due to the exchange server error. You may end up the arbitrage is not done at both side correctly

Please read this to see what kind of email you will receive and the risks associated with them

Q: How can I check my profit?

Yes, you can use stats site. Put in the unique key. You can see you key on the bottom left of the Arbitragewin. It displays profit for the current and previous months

Q: How do I know which coins / exchange have good arbitrage oppoturnity?

Please join our Arbitragewin community here. We will share the arbitrage oppoturnity information from time to time. Let's have fun!

Q: How shall I start arbitrage activities?

Arbitragewin encourage the simultenous arbitrage strategy. It means to says you need to have the trading pairs available in your exchange beforehand.

Please read this to see how simultenous arbitrage works

Q: Is it expensive to have the bot?

From the ROI perspective, the bot can capture the profit within days, weeks or months depend on the risk and capital you are taking. There are many arbitrage oppoturnity in crypto currencies world but it is impossible to to capture it manually unless you want to sit in front of the computer all day night. The bot help you to capture the spread automatically 24/7. The returns is far better than you can imagine

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Q: Does the bot provide other trading strategy?

The bot ONLY capture arbitrage opportunities and market maker orders. As we believe this is best returns that we can capture in the crypto currencies world with minimal risk

Q: Does the bot auto transfer coins from exchange to exchange to adjust the position?

No, the bot will not perform coins transfering from exchange to exchange. Due to the securities reason and owner should carry out the withdrawal carefully, not the software.

Q: What permission shall I choose when generating API Key from the exchange?

Please choose all the options EXCEPT withdrawal as bot will not perform any withdrawal on user behalf.

Q: Can I run the software in Mac machine?

No, It supports only Windows

Q: I'm receiving "ERROR: -1021, Timestamp for this request was 1000ms ahead of the server's time". How can I resolve this?

Please download Atomic Clock from HERE. Run the exe file and set interval to 4 Hours under Synchronization Interval tab