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XXXBTC >> Completion of both orders completed

This shows both buy and sell side of the transaction is done. You can see the total execution quantity and the profit in USD or JPY

XXXBTC Max Retry Count reached. Leave the taker order

This shows buy side is done but the sell side orders is not yet executed due to possibility the price move in different direction or someone already taken the order. You can either leave the order as mentioned or you log in the exchange to cancel it manually

XXXBTC Failed to cancel maker(Exchange A) order. Check your live order now.

ArbitrageWin will try to cancel the order after a while if the order is not filled. Due to the connection or API error, sometime the order is not able to cancel. Please log in to the exchange to cancel it.

XXXBTC Max Retry Count reached. Maker filled fraction

Only fraction of quantity is filled. Normally the quantity is smaller than the minimum size specified in your setting. Arbitragewin will not execute the opposite side of the order in this case.

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