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Setting up Arbitragewin

Setup All the API and Secret Key for the exchanges

  • When you generate the API key from each exchange, please enable everything EXCEPT withdrawal option. Bot DO NOT withdraw or transfer your coins from exchange to exchange automatically.

Setup Trading Pair Based on your preference and risks

  • Select trading pairs you want to trade
  • Enter the max size and min size for each trade that you want the bot to send
  • Enter the minimum target spreads (profit) you want to capture. This is the minimum profit trigger the bot to send the orders to the exchange. The profit is post-fee, after the consideration of the transaction fee charges by each exchange.
  • Select the base currency you want the profit to show in (JPY or USD). Remember, the actual profit is still in the base currency you specified. For example, if you are trading BCH/BTC, the profit kept in BTC. The amount in JPY or USD is just an estimation of converting the BTC profit into fiat.
  • Price Merge: This is the price decimal places supported in each exchange. For example, Bittrex price BCHBTC 0.13480000 while exchange B for BCHBTC is 0.1351. In this case, please put the price merge of 0.0001.
  • Stop When Error: Due to the API exchange error, the bot will try to continue to run. But if you want the bot to stop if serious error happened, please check this box

Setup Email Notification

Please put in Gmail address. Arbitragebot utilize gmail to send an email to you whenever arbitrage deals are done. Only Gmail is support for now.

Save Setting

Click Save Config. The button will save the API, Secret Key, Email setting to all the currencies available. While, max size, min size, target profit are unique to each trading pairs.

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