Arbitrage Result?

I’ve been running Arbitragewin for the past 7 days from 5/23 to 5/30 in my local machine. BTW, I have a mining rigs running 24/7 on crypto coins. At the same time, I installed Arbitragewin in the same machine to fully utilize the mining rigs.

What is the result? Total of JPY14,635. Amazing!

As you see, the profit mainly from MONA-BTC and BCH-BTC trading pairs. So,  how many arbitrage transactions had been taken place in total?

  • MonaBTC: No of trades transacted : 45
  • BCHBTC: No of trades transacted: 26

The average spread captured about 1%. There is no way I can sit in front of the screen to capture this manually. That’s the power of automation in the new world!

What do you say? Want to learn how to arbitrage? Feel free to leave me a message on how you think about it.


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